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30/4 TOKIL highlights

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We had the pleasure to have a real interesting discussion with Adrian Brown Executive Director at Centre for Public Impact.

His centre strives to change the 'public management' practices that have been introduced in administrations worldwide and the underlying set of beliefs, and that have shown their limits, once more, also during this crisis. Do we need to continue the pursuit of efficiency versus the resilience? His thoughts are to be found in the 'manifesto' he started in December 2019 already

During the discussion some thoughts came up:

- there is no handbook for this crisis, therefore administrations need to create, and are not used to that

- is this crisis a way to make faster the digitisation of administration towards AI and keep public services real value add in the human touch?

-crisis we have to invest outside and across society

- how many failed states? Scotland, Finland and New Zealand as examples?

Human human human - it is all about that

And as a closing remark from Tanguy: if we want a ral change, and not going back to the 'normal', we need a steeper and deeper crisis. It is known that habits can be lost when not made for some time. This is espacially th case in a tradition of admimnistative culture.

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